Fresh Start

Hello readers! Sadly, it has been two months since my last post and I have transferred to a new point in my life. Thankfully along with being a geography buff I am also a newly minted alumnus of Howard University. The past four years have created long relationships and unforgettable memories that I am blessed to have.

Now, as a college graduate I sit in limbo between steps in the cycle of life. I am looking to start my career, preferably advocating for non-profit organizations. Yet, I look forward to traveling, reading and writing in this new period.

This post will – hopefully – be the start of more creative pieces that have sat in my mind. Our political landscape is so complicated I have avoided even thinking deeply about it, until now. Though being unemployed – said jokingly – is frustrating for a over thinker / planner like myself. However, loved ones have advised me to not rush into the workforce. In addition, they recommended taking the uncertainty as the start of a new journey.

Here’s to life’s unknowns and the endless possibilities they can bring.


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