What Did You Expect?

Two years ago, Donald Trump began his campaigning to become President of the United States. Since then, Trump has revealed just how intolerant and close minded our nation can truly be.

Until now I have avoided analyzing the theatrics that follow the Trump administration. So far, he has acted considering only political consequences and not ones involving policy. This has made important issues such as healthcare take a back seat to largely speculative stories. I have done my best to avoid writing about Trump’s actions, but this two year anniversary allows me to reflection.

Trump’s transition from campaign to government unfolded in a predictable fashion. His campaign was rooted in rhetoric of a past era chastising women as well as ethnic and religious minorities. In office, Trump has promoted a “religious ban” and stripped federal agencies of their ability to combat civil rights violations. Through Trump has struggled to achieve his greatest projects such as a boarder wall; his administration has layed the framework to enact extreme policies that were staples of the campaign.

We should have seen Trump’s intellectual capacity but also curiosity coming. As a candidate President Trump was unable to display even a basic understanding of the issues that impact lives and possible actions to remedy them. Actions such as a boarder wall and repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would be mentioned without a plan of its implementation or replacement. Trump has refused to display ideological flexibility continuing to support an ACA repeal even if it causes up to 23 million to lose coverage. He has also isolated the United States from travel restrictions and climate policy. Trump’s lack of an agenda and inability to lead has left the legislative work to Congress, which is more gridlocked than even.

Yet, Trump’s personality created the greatest concern with regard to his style of governing. During the campaign we saw Trump’s confrontation nature viciously attacking fellow candidates, reporters and supporting individuals to be physically harmed at rallies. Since the inauguration earlier this year Trump has gone after former President Obama, protesters and government intelligence officials. Trump’s conduct towards the Russia investigation should not be surprising, especially considering his previous behavior.

Turmoil has surrounded the administration beginning with false claims of election fraud to the President being investigated for possibly obstructing justice. During the campaign and first months of his presidency; surrogates spoke of a shift which would result in a newly composed President. Today we find that the Presidency only entrenches its office holders deeper in their true selves. Trump revealed himself to the world and it was wrong for anyone to think he would change. Since being sworn, we are standing atop the trainwreck we never thought would happen.


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